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Submitted on
September 9, 2013
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Some nights I’m afraid of things
of being sick, of taking a bad fall
of big, fanged bats with leathery wings
the fights I hear through my bedroom wall.

By day my fears might go away,
and then I am happily free,
but at night they might come back to play,
I’m afraid of things, they’re real to me.

I tell my mother, she says ‘don’t worry!’
My father says there’s nothing to fear.
They don’t see, they’re in a hurry,
but to me the dangers are all too clear.

Some say my worries have no ground,
that of fear I know nothing yet.
But what if I lose homework, and it’s never found,
or something happens to my favorite pet?

My teacher laughs, she says I’m funny,
she doesn’t know this gives me pain.
She tells me to make each day sunny,
she doesn’t know it sometimes rains

Bugs crawl into my ears at night
big mean dogs, a bad story-elf,
and at morning the bugs take flight
but through the night I’m by myself.
This is just a poem I wrote for my class titled "Rethinking Childhood". It's supposed to address the way we view childhood (in this poem's case, as being idyllic and carefree) as opposed to the way it's actually experienced. I'll be back with more normal posting once I get a bit more settled in here.
This is such a lovely poem and it accurately describes my constant anxiety! Your ability to translate feelings to words is astonishing!
I'm glad you like it, though I'm sorry about your anxiety. I think I have a degree of social anxiety myself and it's so hard sometimes.
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