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Submitted on
February 17, 2013
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3 (who?)
She takes her by the elbow
and guides her with bridge-armed
silence, hissing  instructions
through rapidly condensing breath.

for if She doesn’t remember her,
who will? who will remember that
she can’t drink milk,
can’t eat that,
shouldn’t do this?

and when she puts Her
to bed at night, She tells her
about tomorrow.

She tells her terrible things
about tomorrow.

she takes Her by the hand
and makes Her look in the water.

tells Her to breath,
tells Her to cry.
but She won’t do it,
so she has to cry for Her.

She tells her that they must
work all the time or else what
will happen to Them?

but she’s the one
that cries when They
are all alone.

They stand in front of the mirror
and look at the girl reflected.

and She thinks the girl
is flawed,
She is critical, forgiving
in measured intervals.

but she looks at the girl,
and just tells the girl

but the girl can’t smile,
because They have
shared custody
of her soul.
This is a very different piece for me, and I experiment with a lot of things. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
AlistersAngelsong Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Part of me isn't sure what to make of this. I'm sad and angry all at once. I feel like this represents something far deeper than what I'm considering...

Beautiful though. Emotional. Your works always get to me.
I wrote it and I'm still not sure what to make of it. :P

You can interpret it however you want, but I had the idea of an identity crisis in mind when I wrote it.
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